Myers Oceanographic & Marine Biology Trust

Under the terms of the will of Ethel M. Myers, a Trust has been established to award grants for the enhancement of studies in the marine sciences, including conservation and science education. The target awardees are Master’s Degree and Ph.D. candidates, or other persons deemed worthy by the Trustees. Limited consideration may be given to undergraduates. Post Doctoral researchers will
not be considered. All awards shall be made without the obligationof repayment. The average award is approximately $1000- $2000 depending in part on the number of proposals funded and the income available to the Trust. Students will only be funded once for a given degree.

Published by pauljclerkin

Paul J. Clerkin is a researcher with a master’s degree from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories currently working on his PhD at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Clerkin specializes in rare and deep-sea chondrichthyans and focuses on new species descriptions, taxonomy, life histories, genetics, and tagging of poorly understood shark species. His outside-the-box approach combines working with local fishers and high-tech innovative research techniques such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), specialized deep-sea cameras, and satellite archival tags. His research has granted him a variety of opportunities including leading workshops for the United Nations, serving as a shark expert for a Food and Agriculture Organization’s research cruise, and producing several shark documentaries. He has conducted research projects aboard ships in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. Clerkin has discovered over a dozen new species of sharks and has gotten in the water to tag some of the rarest sharks on the planet including the ultra-rare Megamouth Shark. Paul Clerkin is currently describing new species that he has discovered, preparing a workshop for the Republic of Mauritius regarding their National Plan of Action for sharks, and organizing an international research program for sharks. His research interests include: shark taxonomy, robotics, artificial intelligence, eDNA, biologgers, and marine conservation policy. Find him @ Twitter: @PaulJClerkin Instagram: paul_j_clerkin Facebook: @PaulJClerkin

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