Lerner-Gray Memorial Fund

The Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research provide financial assistance to highly
qualified persons starting careers in marine zoology. Support is limited to projects
dealing with systematics, evolution, ecology and field-oriented behavioral studies of
marine animals. Awards are not made to support research in botany and biochemistry.

Published by pauljclerkin

Paul J. Clerkin is a researcher with a master’s degree from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories currently working on his PhD at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Clerkin specializes in rare and deep-sea chondrichthyans and focuses on new species descriptions, taxonomy, life histories, genetics, and tagging of poorly understood shark species. His outside-the-box approach combines working with local fishers and high-tech innovative research techniques such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), specialized deep-sea cameras, and satellite archival tags. His research has granted him a variety of opportunities including leading workshops for the United Nations, serving as a shark expert for a Food and Agriculture Organization’s research cruise, and producing several shark documentaries. He has conducted research projects aboard ships in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. Clerkin has discovered over a dozen new species of sharks and has gotten in the water to tag some of the rarest sharks on the planet including the ultra-rare Megamouth Shark. Paul Clerkin is currently describing new species that he has discovered, preparing a workshop for the Republic of Mauritius regarding their National Plan of Action for sharks, and organizing an international research program for sharks. His research interests include: shark taxonomy, robotics, artificial intelligence, eDNA, biologgers, and marine conservation policy. Find him @ deepblueresearchfoundation.org https://pauljclerkin.com/ Twitter: @PaulJClerkin Instagram: paul_j_clerkin Facebook: @PaulJClerkin

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